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April 5, 2012

What You Capture to Your Archive Might Just Save Your [Corporate] Neck

We’ve been pretty explicit on this site (and through this blog) that community banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other regulated entities should capture certain web pages to an archive exactly as they appear on the web. A recent post discussed how new regulations might put more of your website under scrutiny. And, while we have endorsed a practical approach to social media, we should also point out that your employees’ engagement in social media should be included in your calculations of risk. Social media can be used beneficially throughout an organization to build the volume and repetition of key marketing messages. However, if a momentarily disgruntled employee steps over the policy lines, and expresses something untrue or confidential through social media, the organization needs to be prepared. This is why we found this passage in a recent Forbes article to be so interesting:

Gartner Group predicts that by the end of 2013, half of all corporate litigants “will be asked to produce material from social media websites for e-discovery.”

If your organization has not included the social media activities of your employees (especially as it relates to your business) as part of your website capture policy, then you may find yourself in a pickle during a lawsuit.

(Originally Posted: September 29, 2011)

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April 3, 2012

Half of Compliance is Proving You’ve Complied: University Net Price Calculators

Did you meet the deadline?

In response to recent Federal regulations requiring university websites to include Net Price Calculators, TruAssurance, a leading compliance consulting and solutions company, announced a new industry-specific web service for higher education today with Web2Vault.

Like many Federal regulations in other industries, the requirements for specific disclosures made on an institution’s website also includes the requirement to show compliance. TruAssurance launched its Web2Vault web-service for the higher education market with the ability for universities and other higher education institutions to capture and archive their University Net Price Calculator websites – establishing a clear history of compliance with the Federal Department of Education mandate.

The Net Price Calculator is an application that will allow a prospective student to include all the tuition and associated fees for an institution to calculate a true price for attendance. The recently passed regulations required this calculator to appear on the websites of all post-secondary institutions offering first year full-time student education by October 29, 2011.

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